• Hyken’s Daft Punk Suite bridged the classical-pop divide more successfully and closed the evening on a high note. Based on the tunes of the popular French electronic music duo, Hyken departs from mere instrumental transcriptions to add witty allusions to neo-Baroque string writing, acerbic brass fanfares and a touch of minimalism. The piece is great fun.

  • Hyken says they began asking each other questions such as, “What does symphonic music look like in the future? What will a modern orchestra look like? Where is classical music going? Can a classically trained group influence the popular music world? We wanted to change the world through music.”

  • Nu Deco Ensemble on WPT2 Art Loft

  • “That model didn’t exist down here,” Hyken continues. “In terms of what makes us different, the fact that we’re multi-genre is a big one in terms of collaboration. Collaboration is a huge part of what we do. We look at ourselves as a vehicle to connect artists in the city with one another and help grow the local culture. We also want to be collaborating with national artists of all genres and make Miami a destination for national artists and thus making it a destination for audiences.”

  • Sam and Jacomo on WLRN South Florida Arts Beat

    produced and hosted by Ed Bell, written and voiced by Charles Greenfield

  • Samuel Hyken’s The Beatles’ Guide to the Orchestra came closest to being a medley but Hyken, the orchestra’s principal trumpet, devised a narrated display of individual orchestral choirs and instruments in the manner of Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Hyken has a real flair for writing light music and his pastiche features such comic touches as the solo tuba growling When I’m 64. Like Britten, Hyken brings the entire orchestra together for a grand fugal finale (on Hey Jude.) Juan Pablo Galavis, a contestant on the television reality series The Bachelor, was the sonorous narrator.